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About Us

Experiment Platform aims to encourage reflection about the visual and the performative. The Platform’s openness to the audience and general public focuses on the idea of participation – what is participation in the first place? – offering people the possibility to express themselves and choose different participatory practices, i.e., activism, social engagement and/or contemporary art practices, in relation to social topics that are important in the context of our living environment.

In any art action that focuses on the presentation of works performed with/among people, it has been noted that space, interior or exterior, changes together with the awareness of the space itself. People’s research and conclusions about space they live in creates a special awareness that either instigates material, infrastructure or aesthetical changes in a space, or it encourages introspective changes in people who continue to exist in that space. It is their behavior that changes, which eventually changes the way a wider environment relates to that space. With a knowledge about positive or negative sides of a space, or mere awareness of its everydayness, which is not worse than everydayness in some other parts of the city, country or the world, through a story about space people connect not to a space itself, but to a collective consisting of individuals who exist in a same space. Hence, in this awareness, a space receives its true purpose as the place of interaction, interaction that improves or facilitate everyone’s life. In other words, space is a platform created by people. Space is not here to create a monolithic awareness, but to enable the expression of individual awareness.