Terrace Terrace


Experiment Platform is organized in the form of work-in-progress workshops, carried out as artistic explorations of specific spaces in the scope of performative and visual art.

By creating extensions of the existing teaching programs in the form of workshops / open platforms that are based on experiment, we affirm the idea of people working together, the idea of teamwork and collaboration among different artistic professions and the audience, with a common purpose of sharing knowledge and experience. Unlike the traditional ex-cathedra lectures, this type of platform relocates the participants and puts them in a real, tangible and “site-specific” place of a city. This engages all participants in an active sharing of knowledge, with the use of different art skills and theoretical competences. By drawing attention to the context of a topic and by giving of our own contribution FFto the teamwork, we point to the necessity of introducing new teaching methods of teaching in higher education and highlight the need for affirmation of art practices in general, and our methods must rely on experimentation. The aim of open programmes is to contribute to development of new study programmes, programmes that connect different areas of art. Knowledge spreads faster if we engage guest lecturers and affirmed artists who are not formally part of education system.