Bedroom Completed Projects

Experiment Platform 1.1

VN Gallery, Zagreb, January 2017.

In collaboration with:
JMZM duo - Josip Maršić & Zoran Medved

Conceptual framework

The aim of this edition of Experiment Platform is to create spaces, seek new locations, and hybridize performative and audiovisual practice in a collective work based on a newspaper article.

This three-week workshop oriented on participation and production, begins in the spaces of VN gallery in Zagreb, which also serves as a reading room, where people come to read daily newspapers. The workshop deals with the experience of space which starts from an indirect experience and creative possibilities that such an experience offers. In more precise terms, it focuses on the spatialization of information (indirect experience) obtained from a daily newspaper article and conversation. Newspaper readers, i.e., the reading room users, are asked to pick out an article that impressed them most. The space is then (re)constructed.

In the first stage, the process focuses on the contours of the space of the text. These contours are documented through text, drawing, image, video and sound. The second stage deals with the creation of a sound image that: a) creates space and/or b) speaks about space based on the created materials. In this part of the process, participants reveal the translations of mental images and the methods by which sound materializes (and alters) the space. In the third stage, the process leaves the space of VN Gallery and seeks real spaces and locations that the text referred to. These are the places of dramatic action, the places of research, inscription, realization and documentation.